First three hours of parking are FREE on Seattle's Waterfront!

Starting September 21, 2020, waterfront customers PARK FREE for up to three hours in the Pike Place Market Garage.   You have three options to enter the Pike Place Market Garage:

Entrance at 1530 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA map
Entrance at 1531 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA map
Entrance 1901 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA map

When you visit a participating waterfront store, attraction, or restaurant, please ask for a parking voucher.  The vouchers are good for up to 3 hours of parking.  Keep it safe and dry with your parking garage entry ticket. Do NOT bend nor dip it in chowder!  

Upon exiting the garage, insert the entry ticket into the slot in the exit column and follow it with the validation voucher in the same slot.  Up to 3 hours of parking will be deducted from the total due.  If more than 3 hours is owed, then the balance can be paid with a debit or credit card using the same slot.

Enjoy your visit here!  The waterfront businesses look forward to welcoming you.

One garage. Three entrances. Hundreds of spaces.

1530 Alaskan Way 

This parking garage entrance from Alaskan Way is located directly across from the Seattle Aquarium.  Follow the big arrow pictured above.

1531 Western Avenue

This parking garage entrance is located below the Pike Place Market between Fix Madore and Lazonga Tattoo.  You will see signs to follow for the waterfront elevator.

1901 Western Avenue

This parking garage entrance is located just a hundred yards uphill from the other entrance on Western.  You can walk down or take an elevator to reach the waterfront.

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