First two hours of parking are FREE on Seattle's Waterfront!

Seattle, September 21, 2020 — Waterfront customers PARK FREE for up to three two hours (starting January 1, 2023) in the Pike Place Market Garage. You have several options to enter the Pike Place Market Garage:

Car entrance at 1531 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA map
Car entrance 1901 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA map 
Car entrance at 1530 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA  map (presently closed due to new road construction)

When you visit a participating waterfront store, attraction, or restaurant, please ask for a parking voucher at time of purchase.  The vouchers are good for up to 2 hours of parking.  Keep it safe and dry with your parking garage entry ticket. Do NOT bend nor dip it in chowder!


Redeem your parking voucher at any of the six automated payment machines in the garage by following these steps:

   1. Insert the parking garage ticket first.

   2. Insert the parking voucher second in the same slot.  

   3. After the voucher is inserted, up to 2 hours of parking will be deducted from the total due.  

   4. If more than 2 hours is owed, then the balance can be paid with a debit or credit card directly at the same machine.  

This is an automated process done by the machine – attendants may not be aware of this promotion.  Enjoy your visit here!  The waterfront businesses look forward to welcoming you. 


One garage. Three car entrances. Hundreds of spaces.

*Vouchers are only valid if you use one of these entrances to park.

Alaskan Way (temp closure) 

Alaskan Way – Cars must enter from Western Avenue during new road construction

1530 Alaskan Way entrance is located across from the Seattle Aquarium.  It is the only car entrance from Alaskan Way.  You can see the stairs to the waterfront in the image above; the elevators are there too.  

NOTE:  The elevator next to the stairwell pictured above is being replaced – the new elevator will open in May 2023.  There is a second elevator inside the parking garage.

Western Avenue

1531 Western Avenue

1531 Western Avenue entrance is located below the Pike Place Market between Fix Madore and Lazonga Tattoo.  You will see signs to follow for the waterfront elevator and stairs.

Western Avenue

1901 Western Avenue

1901 Western Avenue entrance is located about 100 yards uphill from the other entrance on Western.  You can walk down or take an elevator to reach the waterfront.

Let your family and friends know about free parking for Seattle’s waterfront visitors.  Here are some images you can share.  Thank you!

Pier 54:
Ivar’s Fish Bar
Ivar’s Acres of Clams (full service restaurant)
Ye Olde Curiosity Shop
Simply Seattle
Pier 55:
Salt District Italian Kitchen
The Frankfurter
The Seattle Shop 
Frankly Sweets

Argosy Cruises
Seattle Shirt Co.

Across from Pier 55 on Alaskan Way:
Copperworks Distilling Company
Pier 56:
Elliott’s Oyster House
The Wing Dome
Sailing Seattle
Pier 59/60:
Seattle Aquarium

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Due to the popularity of this program, and in order to extend it, vouchers will be good for two hours of FREE garage parking starting January 1, 2023.